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2018 headerMoney matters can quite often be hard to understand, and quite overwhelming. At GWF, we believe that this does not have to be the case. We want to see more and more women taking control of their finances. We all have different financial goals. Whether you need tips on saving for a dream holiday, or are battling to pay off debt, we will walk the journey with you, if you are committed to it. We don’t have a magic pill! You will have to put in the work required for you to achieve your goals.

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Hello, my  name is Zwi, and I am the founder of Girls with Funds, a platform that seeks to demystify personal finance management for women from all walks of life. It all started with the realisation that I personally wasn’t managing my money in the best way possible, even though I am in accounting. As a woman, and a mother, I have a great burden to take care of my immediate family and extended family, and this inevitably brings a lot of financial pressure. I am not unique in this, and so I want to share my experiences with women just like me.