Lessons from a weekend with John Legend

John Legend

I spent Saturday night with John Legend

Ok, maybe not quite. But I attended a John Legend concert on Saturday night, and it turned out to be one of my favorite concerts ever. I then remembered that with the festive season fast approaching, there will be a lot of fun activities that will eat into our pockets.

The reality is that we will still have our regular bills, not to mention the January ones which always seems to cause problems. Below are 5 tips which could help to keep the festive season costs low if you are attending a concert:

  1. You don’t have to get the most expensive tickets. Some venues, like the Dome, will give you good visibility regardless of where you sit, so getting the cheaper tickets will not take away from the fun.
  2. Plan your outings. Plan how much you will spend and stick to that budget. You could even draw enough cash according to your budget, and leave the bank cards at home. That way, you will not have to give in to the temptation of buying “just one more drink”
  3. If going out for a concert, there is no shame in eating before you leave home. That way you save cash on expensive venue meals. I mean, who needs a R20 hotdog when a packet of 6 viennas is also R20 right? It’s amazing how food at these events is priced higher than a fancy restaurant. If you eat before you leave, you then only have to buy drinks and snacks at the venue.business-money-pink-coins
  4. Drive in a group and split the fuel bill. There is no need to take separate cars. Meet up with a few friends, and you will have more fun that way anyway.
  5. Be wary of spending on useless memorabilia and props outside the venue. These come in all sorts and forms, and although I’m all for supporting vendors who are also trying to make a living, paying R100 for a fancy concert hat I will never use again is not exactly a good idea while trying to save. Also, official merchandise will be cheaper after the show, so if you really want it for keeps, then buy it when the show is over.

Do you have a budget template? Email us via the contact page and we will send you one.

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