#SaturdaySavings at local vegetable market

Hello everyone and happy Monday.

This past weekend I visited my local produce market, the Tshwane market in Pretoria, and as usual I was happy with my trip. For R300 I went back home with enough produce to last me and my little family at least two weeks. The downside is that I had to wake up early – the market operates from dawn till 10am, so for me to get the best I had to be there by 7am, but it was worth it.

Depending on your family setup, some of the quantities may be too large, but you can always take a friend and share, or slice and freeze (think home made frozen veges)

Below are some of the gems I found, as seen on the GWF twitter page. I forgot to take a picture of the apples, but I got 3kg for R16.

Please comment with other suggestions of shops/markets where #GirlsWithFunds can achieve savings 🙂 🙂

Tomatoes – R20 for a box


Carrots – R14 for 5kgs (unbelievable right!)


Potatoes – R39 for 10kg


Green Pepper – R32 for a box

Green pepper

Eggs – R77 for 2 trays (60 eggs)


As I said above, some of these might be a little too much if you have a small family or live alone, so you can take a friend or two with you, and share the produce. Also, you can freeze the veges.

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